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Wow! I am super excited to be teaching this class with my very talented friend Andrea Villarreal.

This is a two days class in our home in Fallbrook Ca.


Saturday September 16th 10am - 3pm I will be teaching you how to create a double crystal cross and attaching it to the glass dome, plus we will be getting the crown base ready for day two.

Sunday September 17th 10am - 3pm Andrea will be teaching you glass beading. You will learn basic skills for flower and leaf making. Andrea will go over a few different ways to bead and talk about the supplies needed. Gauges, sizes, tools, etc.

Most of the day will be spent making flowers and leaves. With construction of the crown coming at the end.

Your kit will include some pre-made vintage beaded pieces from my personal stash. So don't worry about having to make everything you see on the sample.

The pillow is a bonus and you will receive the materials to make the pillow. But

we will not have time to make the pillow in class. I will go over basic steps for it before class is over. 


Kit icludes:


Glass dome, crystals, vintage papers, rhinestone button, copper tape

Ornate metal banding, rhinestone tiara

Tray and bead mat (to be returned to me)

6 colors of seed beads in organizer

Various crystal and pearl beads for centers

2 spools of different gauged wire

1 packet of vintage findings including beaded leaves and stems

1 packet of trinkets for finishing touches

Velvet squares (pink only), heart trim, Ivie Organic Luxury Cotton and mother of pearl button for pillow.



Day #1

Soldering supplies (110 watt soldering iron with stand, lead free solder, burnishing tool, scissors, towel, heat resistant clove (curling iron glove or garden glove are ok)

Day #2

Jewelry tools

E 6000 (with jewelry tip)

Ott lite (optional)

Bead Spinner (optional) 


Places to stay, check out Oceanside, Ca (20 mins from our home)

Class September 16th & 17th, 2023 "Cloche and Crown"

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