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This is an inperson class in Fallbrook, Ca.

January 13th at 10 am - 3 pm Lunch included

Class is not refundable or exchanged with any other classes. If you can find someone else to take your place that is fine with me.

Supplies to bring: Soldering iron, stand, lead free solder, honey comb (heat brick),set of 3 jewerly pliers, heat resistant glove, E-6000 or 3-1 glue, small paint brush and acrylic paint if you would like to paint the Madonna a different color. Bring your own paper for the back of each glass panels.



The guestrooms are available to rent $120.00 per night for the large one, $50.00 per night for the small one. Dinners are not included. 


Must love dogs! 

Class January 13th, 2024 Mary Booklet

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