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Cooking Classes & Orders

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table

"Aggiungi un posto a tavola"

Our cooking classes are in our home in Fallbrook, Ca

We love to cook and share our recipes with friends and students. 

Private classes are always welcome with a minimum of 4 students and a max of 8 students.

Who has time to cook? Right? 

Our classes are easy, simple recipes with a lot of flavor. 

We welcome adults and couples.

Price per person $120.00

Couples $110.00 per person






Classes :

Next cooking class is September 30th
only 6 students
"Quick bread and Tiramisu'"

All classes include appetizers, a side dish, cappuccinos.

You are welcome to bring your favorite drinks.

Classes are from 1 pm to 5 pm

We also offer private dinners, order your favorite dishes and pick up in Fallbrook.

Main dish, a side dish and dessert.

We will need a couple of days notice, please.

Call for Dinner's prices



How to order our Sicilian street food

We take orders for our famous focaccias, meat pies and arancine.

Arancine is a typical Sicilian street food, Rice balls filled with rice, homemade ragu' (a tomato meat sauce), mozzarella cheese, besciamella and deep fried.


Perfect for parties!

Our focaccia is a 9" x 13 , we can do half one flavor, for example tomato confit, garlic and sea salt, and half jalapeno and cheddar cheese, or half sea salt and herbs) I love a sea salt and herbs focaccia grilled good!

Our hand meat pies are made with ground tri tip, cheese, tomato sauce, peas and carrots wrapped in a buttery puff pastry 

Order via text at least 3 days in advance

(We suggest you place an order on Mondays)  760-728-3734 

pay at pick up in Fallbrook. 

FOCACCIAS $20.00 each

Arancine minimum order 10 , $ 5.00 each

Hand pies minimum order 10, $4.00 each

All the items above can be freeze and reheated in the oven .


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